Membership Information

The AUPN is made up of the following 5 Membership Categories:

1) Department Chair

2) Residency Program Director

3) Child Neurology Residency Program Director

4) Clerkship Director

5) Research Program Director.

There is no application process to become a member of the AUPN.  The Neurology Department Chair holds the membership for the Institution/Department and thus, is the billing contact for the department.  Dues are paid on an annual basis at the beginning of each fiscal year by the Department Chair (billing contact) .  All 5 membership category positions listed above are covered by the AUPN annual dues paid by the Department Chair.

Membership in the AUPN provides access to information such as:

  • Updates on NIH Funding
  • Updates on VA Funding
  • Child Neurology Activities
  • Educational Courses designed to inform multiple academic neurology programs such as sleep medicine, endovascular therapy, neurocritical care, etc.
  • Educational Courses targeted to Residency Program Directors and Clerkship Directors

Questions regarding membership? 

Please contact: or 952-545-6724








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