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From the President of the AUPN

Dear Colleagues: 

It’s hard to believe that my two-year term as President of the AUPN is coming to a close, and this is my last Saturday email. I want to thank all of you for making my Presidency a rewarding and memorable experience. I regret that I didn’t get to say this to  you in person at our programs associated with the AAN meeting this year. I hope that you, your family and everyone in your department is staying safe and well in this time of COVID. Unfortunately, we are living through interesting times – hopefully with dedication, resilience, grace and kindness for everyone (at least 6 feet apart) we interact with.

The AUPN continues to thrive as a forum for the Chairs of Academic Neurology Departments to discuss academic interests and challenges and share best practices.  I am proud of the many achievements over the past two years, most notably we:

1. Went through our first ever strategic planning process, designed to guide and support AUPN’s role of fostering the development of academic neurology’s educational, research and patient care programs. This plan has refined AUPN’s Mission and Vision to guide AUPN’s future direction and activities as well as for the near term, laying out more specifically three overarching goals and specific objectives which have been prioritized for the next three years, which have been identified as essential core activities for AUPN.

2. Went through a website redesign in order to provide a more updated look and easier access to content

3. Established a Branding Task Force to revise the AUPN logo and tagline (to be launched soon)

4. Welcomed VA Directors as a new membership category of AUPN

5. Opened our Committees to include all AUPN membership categories

6. Reviewed and revised the AUPN bylaws

7. Increased collaborations with like-minded neurological associations including AAN, ANA and ABPN; and

8. Increase in membership in the AUPN resulting in 144 Chairs engaging in our community.

As I transition into the role of Past President, I ask that you please join me in welcoming Cliff Gooch, who will take over as President next week. I would like to thank Cliff and all members of the AUPN Council who have helped continue to invigorate the AUPN over the past two years.

The AUPN is your organization! We want to make sure you continue to feel the value AUPN membership provides you and your department. If you would like to become more involved in the AUPN, have ideas of how we may improve, or have thoughts about other programs AUPN could provide, please let us know, either through the AUPN Executive Office at neuro@aupn.org or by contacting Cliff or me by email.

My sincerest thanks to all who contributed to these successful several years.  I look forward to continuing our work together under the leadership of Cliff.

Robin Brey, MD
AUPN President

AUPN Mission: To advance and strengthen the academic Neurology community through education, mentorship and the sharing of best practices among leaders in academic neurology.

AUPN Vision: To shape the future of neurology as the voice of its academic leaders.

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