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Learning to work up and down the chain of command is an essential skill for the successful academic chair.  This requires not only an inside knowledge of one’s own department, but also of the structure, goals and inner workings of the Dean’s office and senior leadership in the medical school, hospital and practice group.  The inevitable on-the-job training Chairs accrue in understanding these areas is often slow, patchy and inefficient. 

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) is the primary organization for medical schools and Deans in the United States, but also serves academic medical faculty, teaching hospitals, residents and medical students.  Most of you are probably primarily familiar with the AAMC for its annual salary survey of academic faculty, which is an invaluable tool for helping us to understand the going rate for medical school reimbursement in our specialty and region. However, the AAMC also provides leadership development and support targeted across the spectrum, from early faculty, to Chairs and Deans.  Many of these materials can be accessed on the AAMC website, though some require registration and/or fee.  The AAMC Annual Meeting provides a wealth of sessions on leadership issues and is also a great place to learn how your Dean thinks, as well as to interact with other Deans and executive leaders from across the country.  As with most other meetings this year, the AAMC is also going virtual, and registration will open in August.

AAMC memberships are provided for institutions such as medical schools, hospitals and national academic organizations, but it is also possible to get involved in the AAMC by joining or being appointed to one of the Affinity Groups, which include the Council of Deans (Deans only, of course), and the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS).  CFAS representatives are faculty appointed by either the Dean (representing the medical school), or by academic medical organizations participating in the AAMC.  Being a CFAS representative makes you a proxy AAMC member, providing login access to the AAMC website and fuller access to their range of services and materials, as well as a subscription to the AAMC’s journal:  Academic Medicine.  If you are interested in joining the CFAS as a delegate, contact your Dean, or the executive director or president of a participating national academic medical organization to which you belong.  Links to the AAMC website and the CFAS page are below.

Speaking of member benefits, free postings of positions you are seeking to fill to the AUPN Academic Neurology Job Board is included with your membership.  While we highlight open Chair positions, any academic neurology position may be posted.  The Job Board is on the AUPN Home page as an easily accessible drop-down menu.  Initial postings are maintained for three months but may be renewed.  In addition, Chair position postings are listed at the bottom of each AUPN Saturday Newsletter and also on the AUPN LinkedIn Page.  Instructions on how to post, and links to the AUPN website are below.

Clifton L. Gooch, MD
AUPN President

Today’s Resource Links

Registration: AUPN & ANA Fall Meetings & Career Fair
Register for the AUPN Meeting at AUPN Meeting Registration, and for the ANA meeting at 2020.myana.org.  AUPN registration is a member benefit at no extra charge and ANA Meeting registration is free for ANA members this year (join the ANA at ANA Membership).  ANA-AUPN Career Fair registration (fee) is at https://2020.myana.org/program/sessions/ana-aupn-career-fair

The AAMC website can be accessed at https://www.aamc.org/ and the CFAS page is at https://www.aamc.org/professional-development/affinity-groups/cfas The AAMC virtual meeting registration (Learn, Serve, Lead 2020) will open in August.

AUPN Academic Neurology Leadership Job Board (Free for Members)
If you have a current job posting, please complete the Job Listing Form and submit with a Word Document of the complete job listing to the AUPN Executive Office at neuro@aupn.org While we highlight open Chair positions, any academic neurology position may be posted.  The Job Board is on the AUPN Home page as an easily accessible drop-down menu here:  AUPN website home page and here: AUPN LinkedIn page.

Open Neurology Leadership Positions:

University of Washington: Professor & Chair - Dept. of Neurology
University of Pittsburgh: Professor & Chair - Dept. of Neurology
Case Western Reserve University SOM: Professor & Chair - Dept. of Neurology

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