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The Combining Clinical and Research Careers in Neuroscience Symposium is held each year in Washington, DC. 

Students with at least one full year of neuroscience research training during medical school are encouraged to apply. Many, but not all, of these will be MD/PhD students. We wish to target students who have neuroscience research training and have completed some clinical training i.e., future clinician-scientists, to apply to attend this meeting. This group will be thinking seriously about residency. An outstanding group of academic neurologists will discuss strategies for combining research and clinical activities from personal perspectives. Representatives from NINDS will present the many options that exist for continued research training, career development, research support, and repayment of academic debt. Most importantly, the students have ample time to interact with the faculty in small group discussions that supplement the formal presentations. Students are provided hotel and travel.

The goals of the symposium are to:
1) encourage medical students with neuroscience research training to pursue clinical training (with special emphasis on neurology) and choose clinician-scientist careers;
2) describe and discuss strategies for successfully melding clinical and research careers;
3) discuss the satisfaction and power of a combined clinical and research career;
4) describe and discuss sources of and strategies for obtaining training and research support; and
5) provide an opportunity for students to meet academicians who have successfully combined clinical and research careers in neuroscience.

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What Past Participants Are Saying:
"I thought it was an incredibly efficient, yet amazingly informative meeting; the knowledge/insight acquired from those who have "been there" and "done that" will remain invaluable to me, and the contacts and friendships formed will hopeful assist me in my future endeavors."

"This program provided an invaluable opportunity to network with both established faculty and administrators as well as students in our own peer group. I believe such opportunities are only possible in an intimate, face-to-face setting such as this one."

"The entire program was great. The career information and networking with mentors and students were the most useful parts. It confirmed my desire to pursue a neurology residency."

"Throughout my training I believe I sort of lost sight of why I wanted to do MD/PhD to begin with, but this conference helped remind me of what my original goals were and now I have a much clearer picture of how exactly I can achieve those goals. I felt lost and w/out a path before, but now I have direction and with that sense of direction my passion has also grown stronger."

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend. It was a great experience and a great confidence booster and made me feel better about the uncertainties that I have felt about combining medicine and research. I will highly recommend the meeting to other students on my program."

"This is by far the best course/meeting on career advice that I've received in my MD-PhD training."

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