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From the President of the AUPN

Dear AUPN Chairs,

We will soon begin our 2018 dues process. AUPN would like to ensure all records are accurate for this process, and that all Chairs and Directors are receiving the most out of their institutional membership.  Therefore, we ask that you please take 5 minutes of your time and complete following by November 15th

1. All 5 membership category positions listed below are covered by the AUPN annual dues and therefore are entitled to all AUPN benefits. This includes receiving the weekly Saturday emails. Please email an update on these positions at your institution to for the following:

a. Department Chair

b. Residency Program Director



c. Child Neurology Residency Program Director



d. Clerkship Director



e. Research Program Director



For positions that do not exist at your institution or are unfilled please put N/A. 

2. Update your Profile:

  • Go to, click on Members Only Log In and log into your account
    **Please note you must login under your institution, NOT under your name**
    If you have forgotten your username and password, please email and they can assist you. Do not create a new profile.

  • Click on update your profile
  • Click on each tab at the top of the screen (Main, Address, Phones) and confirm the records are accurate.

Please email with any questions or if you need assistance with updating your institution’s profile.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Karen C. Johnston, MD, MSc
President AUPN

The following organizations are seeking to fill the following leadership position

University of New Mexico, School of Medicine: Chair of the Department of Neurology

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