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From the President of the AUPN

Greetings!  It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term as President of the Association of University Professors of Neurology. Our outgoing President, Dr. Karen Johnston, deserves an enormous amount of gratitude for her visionary leadership and guidance over the past two years. Under her leadership, the AUPN created an AUPN New Chair Luncheon, implemented a mentor program for new Chairs, increased awareness of academic careers through promotion of AUPN’s on-line career center, and increased membership in the AUPN resulting in 138 Chairs engaging in our community, among many other accomplishments.

I would also like to take this moment to thank our Council members for their hard work and commitment to their various roles and responsibilities. I am honored to work with a group of talented individuals who are dedicated and engaged in fostering the development of academic neurology’s educational, research and patient care programs. I consider myself very fortunate to have this opportunity to represent our members and will work hard to meet your expectations.

Over the next year I am committed to building on the initiatives for which the foundation has been laid. We hope to engage and be responsive to as many of your neurology teams as possible. We are living in “interesting times” and need to continue to work together as an organization to make sure that academic neurology thrives in this challenging environment. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me and the AUPN council about additional opportunities that you feel the AUPN can take advantage of to serve our academic neurology leaders. I am looking forward to continuing our work together. Being elected President is a special honor for me, and I will do my best to serve you, our members well during my term.

Thank you,

Robin Brey, MD
President AUPN 

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