Chairing a Department: If You Can't Laugh, You're Done

2015 AUPN Fall Chairs Session
(Held in conjunction with ANA Annual Meeting)

Being the Chair of a clinical department is an increasingly complex task.  Chairs juggle oversight of and responsibility for clinical service; research; education and career development at many levels; local, regional, and national politics; fundraising; ethical and legal matters; community relations and advocacy; and finances.  This presentation will explore the tools and mechanisms that underlie successful leadership.  Be sure to bring your questions and experiences for discussion!

At the completion of this series, attendees will understand:

1. What is mission-based hiring and how does it apply to recruitment of faculty?
2. What are successful strategies for incorporating general neurologists into an academic department?
3. What strategies may be employed to most effectively utilize advanced practice providers in an academic department?

Nina Schor, MD, PhD; University of Rochester School of Medicine
Presentation Slides

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