AUPN's Leadership Minute

The Leadership Minute is a brief, highly focused summary of practical advice for Chairs, Program Directors and other leaders in academic neurology, delivered as mini-podcasts or in short form videos.  The goal of this program is to provide relevant and useful information in a modicum of time, designed to fit seamlessly into our very busy schedules. Submit suggestions for future segments:

Episode 9: What your CEO Wants From You (May 2021)
Episode 8.2: Engaging Medical Students in Neurology Part II (April 2021)
Episode 8: Engaging Medical Students in Neurology Part I (April 2021)
Episode 7: How to Maintain Faculty Morale (March 2021)
Episode 6: Chair Faculty Evaluations (February 2021)
Episode 5: How to Design a Faculty Retreat (January 2021)
Episode 4: How to Meet with Your Dean (December 2020)
Episode 3: Teaching Millennial Medical Students (November 2020)
Episode 2: Dealing with Difficult Faculty Members (October 2020)
Episode 1: How to Write a Trainee Recommendation Letter (September 2020)

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