About AUPN

The Association of University Professors of Neurology (AUPN) was founded in 1967 and formally incorporated in 1968. It was organized originally to foster the development of academic neurology’s educational, research and patient care programs. The organization has always served as a forum for the Chairs of Departments or Divisions of Neurology in accredited medical schools in the United States, or similar programs in Canada, to discuss mutual academic interests and concerns.


The academic department of neurology1 is critical to the current state and future of neurology in the US.


To support academic departments of neurology in all elements of their mission including: delivery of patient care; attracting and educating the talented cadre of physicians and physician-scientists for the future; and advancing our understanding and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

1 For institutions with an alternate administrative structure, the organizational unit in that institution responsible for the care of patients with neurologic disease and the education of students and/or residents in neurology will be considered the ‘department of neurology’.
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