2021 Spring Chairs Session:nChallenges & Opportunities in Neurology Education in the Virtual Era
Covid-19 has many effects on academic Neurology, but among the most dramatic has been the effect on education. Both undergraduate and graduate medical education have been affected. Reduced opportunities for direct patient contact have created challenges in education related to physical exam skills, but at the same time the ability to meet virtually has created new opportunities for learning. The panel members are neurologists actively involved in different aspects of teaching both medical students and residents. They will discuss the impacts of virtual learning which they have observed, describe strategies which have proven helpful, and consider how we can carry the lessons learned forward into a post-COVID era.

2016 AUPN Fall Chairs Session: Teleneurology in Academic Practice
The idea is that Dr. Wechsler would focus on hospital-based teleneurology and telestroke, while Dr. Dorsey would focus on outpatient models.  There are a variety of issues to address for each setting, but I would encourage you to focus on issues that will be of interest to chairs of academic neurology departments, which would include the costs involved in setting up a program, how appointments are managed, reimbursement for teleneurology visits, whether teleneurology improves patient access and/or reduces costs, quality of care, HIPAA issues, etc.

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