Recruitment and Hiring

2023 Fall Chairs Session III: Title IX for Neurology Chairs
This course is designed to provide neurology department chairs and leaders with a comprehensive understanding of Title IX. The course will cover the legal requirements of Title IX and its application to neurology departments, as well as the responsibilities of department chairs and leaders in preventing and addressing sex discrimination. Through this course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively address and prevent sex discrimination with their departments.

2018 Fall Chairs Session: Faculty Recruitment and Retention: Lessons and Strategies
One of the most important jobs for a department chair is recruiting and retaining high functioning, productive faculty.  Every department has its own advantages and challenges in recruiting faculty, and each chair has something different and beneficial to share.  Rather than have one or two speakers discuss their strategies, successes and failures that may be unique to the circumstances of their institution, we will have 8 chairs from a variety of regions and institution styles (eg. research intensive vs. clinically intensive, small vs. large, urban vs. rural) who will speak for about 5-10 minutes each and present one or two vignettes with no more than 3 powerpoint slides. 

2020 Fall Chairs Session: How to Get More Medical Students to Choose Neurology as a Career
The national shortage of neurologists is increasing, yet few US medical students select neurology as a career, causing continued reliance on foreign graduates for our residency training programs.  About 3.5% of medical students were neuroscience majors, yet less than 20% of them go on to neurology residencies.  What can we do to increase the popularity of Neurology as a career?

2015 Fall Chairs Session: Mission-Based Hiring
Changes in healthcare delivery and reimbursement, a progressively competitive marketplace, and shrinking research revenue have forced academic medicine to address demands for improved clinical performance and productivity.  The combination of these forces has driven a move away from the ideal of a triple-threat academician towards a division of labor along the core missions - patient care, education, and research.  This course will consist of a short presentation about mission-based hiring (David Lee Gordon, University of Oklahoma), a short presentation about the incorporation of general and community neurologists into an academic practice (Steven Small, University of California, Irvine), and comments from a panel of chairs who have dealt with these issues followed by an open discussion session.

2021 Virtual Neuro Academic Recruiters Workshop: Academic Recruitment in the Virtual Era
The course covered: Strong academic recruitment is essential for any successful neurology department. This workshop will provide a lively discussion on topics which are relevant to Neurology academic recruiting. Specifically, the course will cover: the current state of academic neurology recruitment in the United States; recruiting & diversity in 2021; and the pros & cons of virtual recruitment. There will be plenty of time after the presentation for open discussion and Q/A.

2021 AUPN Fall Chair's Session 1: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - What does it take to make real progress and how do you improve the pipeline?
This virtual session explored the various aspects of implementing the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in an academic practice.

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