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Chairing a Department: If You Can't Laugh, You're Done

Creating a Culture within your Neurology Department

Difficult Conversations

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Managing Up and Down: Getting What You Need from Your Faculty and Your Dean

Philanthropy: Lessons Learned

Politics for Neurology Chairs

2021 New Chairs Mentoring Session
The Session Covered: This is an opportunity for experienced mentor Chairs (3+ years’ experience) to meet with new Chairs (0-3 years’ experience) and advise and help with the transition into their new role. The focus of the session will be a general discussion on understanding what the new Chairs believe would be of value to them, as well as answering any specific questions. New Chairs will also be introduced to the many AUPN resources available to them.

2021 AUPN Summer Session: A Conversation with Women Leaders in Neurology
This interactive AUPN course featured a diverse panel of women Neurology faculty with a broad range of leadership experience including as chairs of Neurology Divisions and Departments; Deans of Research and Education as well as leaders within national organizations. Faculty co-led presentations will help establish the framework, followed by a moderated interactive discussion.

2021 AUPN Meet the Chairs Session (Held in Conjunction with the ANA Annual Meeting)
Prominent chairs of neurology will discuss how they handle their position, including what's involved with being a chair; what the process is for attaining their position, and how to interact with chairs.

2022 Women Leaders in Neurology
The pathway to leadership for women can have hurdles and roadblocks but there are often people and programs that can provide a step up over these or an alternate pathway.  The speakers will discuss their own path and  observations of other women leaders.  There will also be some discussion of styles of leadership for women and change in leadership styles that the speakers have experienced over time.

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