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2023 VHA Workshop: Clinical Trials within the VA: Feasible and Necessary
This virtual program discusses the feasibility of conducting clinical trials within the VA health care system. The overall goal is to encourage investigators to conduct research that includes Veterans. The role of VA affiliated non-for-profit research organizations will be discussed, and the VA Cooperative Studies Program introduced. The discussion covers ways to conduct industry sponsored research within VA, and how to best facilitate Veteran trial participation with an academic affiliate.

2022 AUPN-VHA Workshop: Neurology Centers of Excellence: Who they are, where they are, and what they can do for you (and the Veterans you serve)
VHA funds Centers of Excellence (COEs) in Parkinson’s Disease/ movement disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy/ seizures, and Headache to advance specialized clinical care, education and research for Veterans with these conditions.  This workshop will introduce COE leadership, describe the services offered in each of the mission areas, and connect participants with COE staff serving their region.  Each presentation will be followed by an open discussion aimed at eliciting suggestions for how each COE can better serve the field.

2021 AUPN VA Director's Workshop: VA-University Affiliations: Collaboration in Clinical Care, Research and Education
The Veterans Health Administration is the largest employer of neurologists in the United States.  About 70% of US physicians receive some of their medical training at a VA institution.  This course will inform academic neurology leaders about VA programs and resources, in the hope that the large number of academic neurology departments with VA affiliates will be able to develop a fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration or expand upon existing strengths.  Some potential obstacles will be addressed, and questions answered, in the hope that pitfalls can be avoided when forging a university-VA collaboration.

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