AUPN Program Director's Workshop:
Neurology Residency Education in the Age of Millennials and Gen Z

Friday, January 28th, 2022
2pm - 4pm CST /3pm - 5pm EST

Course Description
A new generation of trainees, the Millennials and Generation Z, now populate our medical schools and residencies.  These young physicians-in-training learn and work in ways that are notably different than prior generations.  The goal of this program is to understand the general characteristics that define these generations and how these qualities impact how these individuals interact with the medical education and health care systems.  We will then discuss strategies to maximize the teaching and learning environments for our Millennial and Gen Z trainees. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the differences in background experiences, viewpoints and professional and personal goals and expectations that define Millennials and Generation Z.

  2. Describe the challenges and rewards involved with educating the next generation of neurologists.

  3. Discuss novel approaches to feedback, mentoring, teaching, learning and work-life balance that aid in meeting the educational needs of our Millennial and Gen Z trainees.

  4. Describe how the next generation of trainees is changing the culture of medicine and how medicine is practiced.




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