Clerkship Director's Workshop:
Navigating the Continuum of Feedback

Friday, February 3
2pm - 4pm CST

Course Description

Providing feedback to learners is vital to their continued development as medical professionals. Great medical educators strive for proficiency in this domain.  During feedback the learner is provided information that describes their performance during a given activity.  The intent of such information is to guide the learner’s future performance in that same or related activity. Feedback can be classified in various ways depending on the educator’s aim as well as the process and mode of delivery.  During three interactive sessions we will discuss best practices when providing verbal and written feedback as part of formative and summative evaluations to medical students. Along the continuum of feedback, we will also explore the key components of a well-written letter of recommendation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to:

  1. Distinguish feedback and evaluation. 
  2. Apply skills in giving and receiving feedback.
  3. List the key components of a well-written letter of recommendation.
  4. Apply the best practices that are learned to modify and correct a sample letter of recommendation.


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