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From the President of the AUPN

It is time to renew your (institutional) AUPN membership for 2019! 

What is the AUPN and why should you renew your membership? 
(Instructions on how to renew your membership are at the bottom of this email)

The mission of the AUPN is to support academic departments of neurology in all elements of their individual missions. Membership is open to academic departments of neurology or, in institutions with an alternate administrative structure, the organizational unit in that institution that is responsible for the care of patients with neurologic disease and the education of students and/or residents in neurology.

The AUPN's goal is to provide services that are useful to the full spectrum of departments that range from very small (fewer than 15 faculty) to large (greater than 105 faculty).

For Neurology Chairs we provide:

1. An opportunity to volunteer to represent academic departments to other organizations. We currently have representation in the following: 

  • AAN Graduate Education Subcommittee

  • AAN Undergraduate Education Subcommittee

  • ABPN Research Award Committee

  • ABPN Faculty Innovation and Education Awards Committee

  •  ANA Professional Development Committee

  • UCNS Certification Council

  • AAMC Council of Faculty and Academic Societies

  • UCNS Accreditation Council

In addition we have members who serve leadership roles in related organizations. These include individuals on:

  • The Board of Directors of the ANA

  • The Board of Directors of the AAN

  • The Board of Directors of the ABPN

  • The Board of Directors of the ABC

  • Board Representative of the UCNS

2. An opportunity to have your opinion registered. As the need arises, the AUPN Council asks for your input on matters such as but not limited to: supporting other societies requests for support for certification & accreditation and AUPN leadership representation

3. A means to communicate with fellow chairs through the new Chairs Discussion Forum, which includes answers to questions such as: what wRVU benchmark is used in other institutions and whether faculty Neuropsychologists at your SOM are: (1) Within Dept. of Neurology, and if so within a particular Section or Equivalent (e.g. Behavioral Neurology) OR 
(2) Within another Department (which?) or located within multiple Departments (and if so, which- e.g. Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, etc.). This new forum has proved valuable to chairs participating in the conversation as well as those just following along.

4. An opportunity to meet in person with fellow chairs at the annual meetings of the AAN and the ANA.

At the 2018 AAN meeting, we held a two hour session, where a panel discussion was held between a diverse group of neurology program directors and chairs of neurology departments with a focus on items of mutual interest and concern. Learning objectives included: 

  1. Describe how results of the recent AAN program directors’ survey may affect the residency program at your institution

  2. Describe the recent changes in ACGME and neurology RRC policies

At the 2018 ANA meeting, we held three 1.5 hour sessions where the following topics were discussed:

  1. Burnout in Academic Neurology: How bad is it, and what can we do to prevent it?

  2. Creating a Culture within your Neurology Department

  3. Faculty Recruitment and Retention: Lessons and Strategies

5. Hold an annual New Chairs Mentoring Lunch at the AAN where senior mentor Chairs (3+ years experience) met with new Chairs (0-3 years experience) to advise and help with the transition into their new role.

The focus of the 2018 Mentoring Luncheon was to have a general discussion on understanding what the new Chairs believed would be of value to them, as well as answering any specific questions. At the beginning of the session, Mentor Chairs shared "What I Wish I Knew" stories giving examples of a concept they struggled with as a New Chair and how they solved it. In addition, New Charis shared their perspectives on the most valuable components of the newly established AUPN mentoring program. After the session, Mentor Chairs were paired with New Chairs to provide mentoring support through the New Chair’s first three years in their role.

6. The regular Saturday email that keeps you up to date on transitions in chairs of Neurology, and other items of interest to the community of chairs.

7. Neurology Chairs have the ability to post open job positions on the AUPN website free of charge!  These positions are maintained on the AUPN website for three months to allow time to find that ideal candidate. In 2018, over 40 jobs were listed on the AUPN Jobs Board!

8. AUPN has a policy where we don't sell or distribute our membership list. However as a Chair, you can use your login to access our Member Directory, under Membership Information on our website, to connect with other Chairs, Program Directors, Clerkship Directors, Child Directors, and Research Directors from across the country. 

For Neurology Clerkship and Program Directors:

1. The AUPN provides a quality educational program for Clerkship and Program Directors at the AAN meeting each Spring. This program rotates between Clerkship and Program Directors each year. 

The topic for the Program Directors Workshop at the April 2018 meeting focused on the International Medical Graduate (IMG) trainee. The first part of this workshop provided an overview of current and future contributions of IMGs to the neurology workforce as well as discussion of how to approach the selection process of IMGs and what PDs need to know about complying with immigration laws and visas. The second part of the workshop will focused on the IMG resident experience. A panel of internationally trained neurology trainees and faculty shared their experiences with preparing for US residency, orientation to the US healthcare system, discrimination in the workplace, and other relevant topics to PDs. Afterwards, a group discussion focused on how neurology PDs can promote a training environment that will optimize the wellness and success of our IMG residents.

The May 2019 Clerkship Directors Workshop will have a point/counterpoint format. The workshop faculty will take strong opposing positions on various “controversies” related to practical aspects of clerkship structure. After the faculty members have presented their arguments (as forcefully as possible in 5 minutes or less) the workshop participants will discuss the topic in small groups. After 15 minutes, the small groups will report their conclusions. There will be 15 minutes of large group discussion and concluding comments before proceeding to the next topic of controversy. 

2. The AUPN has a program directors liaison sub-committee, the purpose for which is to keep lines of communication open between PDs and Chairs for both feedback and when issues or concerns related to departments arise.

At the AAN meeting in 2019, this group will present at the Chairs Session, which will begin with a brief survey of chairs in attendance, followed by panel discussion between a diverse group of neurology program directors and chairs of neurology departments regarding the challenges of providing protected time for residency education for program directors and other faculty members.

Renewing your institutional (departmental) membership is quick and simple!

1. Log in to your AUPN account at

If you have forgotten your user name, please email If you have forgotten your password, please reset it. Do not create a new profile.

2. Click on Renew Dues on the welcome screen.

3. Follow the directions to pay dues.

4. Please verify your expiration date. If an institution who hasn’t paid dues for more than one year decides to re-join AUPN, they need to pay the current years dues only and all other previous year’s dues will be waived. If your expiration date is anything other than 12/31/18, please email after paying your dues and they will adjust your expiration date.

If you wish to pay with a check or purchase order, simply print a copy of the invoice and return by mail to:

5841 Cedar Lake Road, Suite 204
Minneapolis, MN 55416

If you have questions or require a more detailed or personalized invoice, please contact the AUPN office by email ( or phone (952-545-6724).

Robin Brey, MD
AUPN President 

The following organizations are seeking to fill the following leadership position

University of Pennsylvania: PAH Chair of Neurology

Rush University Medical Center: Chief of the Section of Neuromuscular Diseases


If you have a current job posting you would like listed on the AUPN website, please complete the Job Listing Form and submit it to the AUPN Executive Office at 

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If you have a current job posting you would like listed on the AUPN website, please complete the Job Listing Form and submit it to the AUPN Executive Office at 
To View Current Job Postings, click here

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