Philanthropy: Lessons Learned

2019 AUPN Fall Chairs Session
(Held in conjunction with ANA Annual Meeting)

Our Neurology Departments are increasingly dependent on alternative sources of revenue to support research, education and other “unfunded missions.”   For many, philanthropy plays an increasingly important role in providing such support.  This session will tap the collective wisdom of department chairs who have been successful in obtaining support for their programs through private or public donations.  This session will take a "data blitz" approach to address a variety of questions. How do you identify patients who might have the resources to give to your department?  How have you approached donors, and what strategies do you find successful? Do you have “war stories” of what has or has not worked? How do you use philanthropic contributions to subsidize your clinical, education or research programs? Do you find that your foundation officers are helpful or do they poach prospective donors for other projects? 

1. Describe successful approaches to identifying and obtaining philanthropic contributions.
2. Discuss how to utilize philanthropic donations to protect faculty effort, fund research or education, or other goals.
3. Describe ways that recruiting donations can improve a department’s involvement in the community.

L. John Greenfield, Jr., MD, PhD; University of Connecticut School of Medicine/UConn Health

S. Thomas Carmichael, M.D., Ph.D., UCLA
David M. Holtzman, MD, Washington University School of Medicine
David G Standaert, MD, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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