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From the President of the AUPN


I am both honored and excited to begin my term as AUPN President, and our organization has an important role to play during these especially challenging times for all of us. 

Beginning very soon, the AUPN will engage with our chair members using a number of new digital initiatives, beginning with an upcoming joint podcast with the American Neurological Association on Department Recovery from COVID-19, featuring the Chairs of Neurology at Johns Hopkins (Dr. Justin McArthur) and Washington University, St. Louis (Dr. David Holtzman).  Although our planning for the virtual expansion of the AUPN has been ongoing for several months, the current pandemic is re-defining how we meet and interact in every facet of our lives, and we are in the process of reformatting our great fall meeting workshops and luncheon programs to virtual experiences, as well as providing a number of  valuable leadership and other tools to our members on an ongoing basis going forward. 

I also thank our Executive Council and Committee Chairs and members, for all their great past and future work, and to our outgoing President, Dr. Robin Brey, for her leadership and many accomplishments, including  completion of a new and much needed strategic plan, inclusion of V.A. Service Line Directors in the AUPN, and enhancing our collaborations with other neurology organizations; she also conceptualized and executed a white paper on the financial status of academic neurology programs in partnership with the AAN, which is in preparation for publication.   

I have always considered the AUPN an organization of the Chairs and by the Chairs, so please feel free to contact me about any thoughts you may have regarding its new direction (or with other ideas or suggestions) through either the AUPN Executive Office at neuro@aupn.org or at my work email address: cgooch@usf.edu

Below you will find some links to several helpful online resources.

Thank you,

Clifton L. Gooch, MD
AUPN President

Today’s Resource Links

AUPN 2014 to 2019 Chairs Sessions
Click on Year, find topic and speaker, click on “presentation” (member login required)

ANA Investigates Podcasts
Includes two recent episodes on COVID-19 related issues

Includes link to upcoming webinars on May 8 &  May 22  (Clinical Practice & Education)

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