Diversity & Social Justice

American Medical Association:  Health Care Equity 
(Curated Resource Page)
The American Medical Association has established a Health Care Equity page, listing numerous recent articles and other resources on this critical topic, including a video series on how physicians can help create a more equitable system, AMA recommendations to congress on this topic, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically exposed the fault lines in care for the underprivileged in the United States.


ANA-JHU Social Justice Webinars: Summer Series (Ongoing, through Sept. 3rd)
(Free, Registration Required. CME Available)
The American Neurological Association is presenting a series of weekly webinars throughout the summer, in concert with Johns Hopkins University, focused on issues of social justice in academic neurology.  Topics include enhancing diversity and racial interactions in academic medicine, generational trauma and possible solutions, comprehensive community revitalization and the dynamics of race and ethnicity. https://myana.org/sites/default/files/docs/2020/social_justice_summer_series.pdf

Black In Neuro
Black in Neuro is an organization dedicated to celebrating Black excellence in neuroscience and to providing ongoing mentoring support of Black academic neurologists and basic neuroscientists, which hosts events and provides materials focused on these goals. Details are on social media (Instagram and Twitter @blackinneuro), and on the web at https://www.blackinneuro.com/

Enhancing diversity in neurology (Annals of Neurology, Subscription Access)
This article analyzes the diversity problem in neurology and offers potential solutions


Reducing disparities in neurological care (Neurology; Subscription Access)
This article reports on disparities in neurological patient care in underprivileged minorities and recommends strategies to improve this divide.


Implicit bias in the workplace and patient care in neurology (ANA Investigates Podcast. Free)
This ANA Investigates podcast discusses reviews the effects of implicit bias in neurology and medicine.



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