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AUPN Members,

As we move through the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and on to dealing with the fiscal, clinical and research challenges wrought by both the pandemic and global economic shut-down, your leadership as a Chair has never been more important.  Leadership is often easy when the waters are calm, but great leaders are essential when the storm rages.  Despite the daunting challenges we are now facing, please take a moment to realize how much your efforts mean during these unprecedented times. 

Today, we are pleased to present our newly updated AUPN graphics, logo and tagline on this newsletter, which reflect the core mission of the AUPN to support you and to serve as your collective voice in your leadership mission.  These changes are brought to you by the AUPN Branding Task Force (Drs. John Greenfield, Rohit Das, Michel Torbey and Gil Wolfe), in concert with the AUPN Executive Council.  Thanks to all for their input and work on this.

As we prepare to launch our first podcast in the coming weeks, we are forming an AUPN Podcast Committee, and are seeking interested individuals, preferably with some experience in podcasts or other AV media, to help us with this great new initiative.  If you are interested, please send your CV and statement of interest to Katie at  Our virtual fall meeting planning is also proceeding well, and we are now partnering with the ANA on a virtual platform.  More to come on this as it comes into focus in the months ahead.

Starting with last week and going forward, we are also including a recurring list of useful resource links on this newsletter (see below), which we will be rotating from time to time.  These resource links will also be aggregated on the AUPN website, accessible from the top menu on the home page.

The challenges of this moment in our history also bring new opportunities, and we look forward to an exciting and innovative year for the AUPN and you, its members.

Clifton L. Gooch, MD
AUPN President

Today’s Resource Links

American Medical Association COVID-19 Physician Resource Page
Contains numerous resources, covering topics from telemedicine to reopening of clinical operations

AUPN 2014 to 2019 Chairs Sessions
Click on Year, find topic and speaker, click on “presentation” (member login required)

ANA Investigates Podcasts
Includes two recent episodes on COVID-19 related issues

The following organizations are seeking to fill the following leadership positions:

AUPN is not aware of any open leadership positions at this time.

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